Delivering geospatial intelligence

to address real world problems

OGEO prides itself on providing a wide range of geomatics services and on utilizing numerous technologies and software packages to best acquire, process, manage and present geospatial data. Our staff values close working relationships with our customers to ensure all needs are addressed and satisfied throughout the lifetime of the project and beyond. Our solutions are tailored to your industry, your workflows and your project requirements. We will work with you to choose the best geodata solution for your project.

We also continually look for new technologies to add to our portfolio that will benefit our clients. If you are interested in any geospatial projects that are not reflected on our website, please give us a call to discuss the option of exploring new technology, software, or processes. We have found, on occasion, that researching and implementing new technologies and processes based on custom inquiries can provide the most innovative and high value solution that adheres to the required project specifications, schedule, and budget.

Project Solutions


Acquisition with or without full waveform digitization. LiDAR data processing, classification and modelling.

3D Laser Scanning

Ground based laser scanning field work, processing of point clouds, 2D or 3D as-built plans, 3D modelling.

GPS Survey

RTK GPS survey to supplement air, ground, or marine remotely sensed data. GPS/IMU trajectory data processing.

Volumetric Calculations

Volume calculations for stockpiles, change in volume over time of a site, and determining cut and fill volumes between existing and designed surfaces.

GIS Development

Geospatial Information System development and GIS data file creation.

Historical Data

Historical imagery and LiDAR data searching and processing.

Posters + Plots

Creation of custom wall posters, mounted/framed plots of imagery, LiDAR data, vector data and/or data analysis results. Posters/plots can be matte, glossy, or dry erase laminated.

Transmission Line Planning and Monitoring

Project Solutions

OGEO has monitored thousands of kilometres of utility right-of-way using remotely sensed geospatial data. Using our transmission line monitoring solution: individual conductors, shield wires and other utility wires are accurately modelled and analyzed to prepare reports including: clearance checks to ground, vegetation or other encroachments, and identification of danger trees that would contact the transmission line if they fall into the right-of-way. In addition to these proximity reports, the health of each transmission line structure is assessed and any structure found in need of inspection is flagged.

Electrical Substations & Gas Plant Surveying

Project Solutions

OGEO has used LiDAR, aerial imagery and ground based laser scanning to provide many solutions in the mapping and analysis of electrical substations and gas plants. OGEO’s technology and solutions are used to provide a bird’s eye overview for site planning and measurement or very detailed and accurate as-builts for asset management and retrofit/expansion planning. Millimetre level measurements obtained, from ground based laser scanning data allow very precise planning. Our ground based laser scanning methodologies can gather measurements with increased field safety, without interrupting operations, reduced field time, and each site is captured in high level 3D detail for future enquiries.

Pipeline Planning and Monitoring

Project Solutions

OGEO's geospatial data solutions are utilized to efficiently inspect thousands of kilometers of pipeline right-of-way for slumping, exposed pipe, and unauthorized activity, as well as to map proximal population structures for risk analysis. Our solutions for pipeline planning and monitoring also include determining access in risk analysis and emergency planning.

Infrastructure Management

Project Solutions

OGEO helps resorts and recreational facilities quantify and locate their assets and provide tools for the management of infrastructure maintenance and replacement. Our geospatial data solutions aid in the accurate mapping and measurement of infrastructure and allow for efficient access to the data from the client’s office which saves the time and money potentially spent on field work. OGEO's infrastructure management solutions allow our clients to visualize projects or proposed changes in the comfort of a GIS environment before any investment is made, allowing possible problems or complications to be caught and flagged early in the project lifecycle.

OGEO's solutions also include training on data usage in various software packages. All of our processed data is formatted to work with each client’s existing software packages and can include any combination of the following: imagery, detailed topographic data, vectorization of assets and natural features, 2D or 3D maps, marketing images/video, irrigation/drainage analysis, slope aspect analysis, 2D and 3D visualization.

Hydro Power Development

Project Solutions

OGEO's geospatial data solutions provide integral information for run of the river and dammed hydroelectric projects. A combination of airborne and bathymetric data is used to extract information along the life of a project including determination of possible locations for hydro projects, modelling proposed full supply levels, and providing solutions so that stakeholders can visualize future projects. Our ground based 3D laser scanning applications can be used in these projects to aid in accurate as-builting during construction of hydroelectric projects and related infrastructure.

Environmental Monitoring

Project Solutions

OGEO’s full execution capabilities allow us to be flexible and fast to respond to time sensitive projects such as environmental modelling projects. Having the option to combine multiple sensors (LiDAR, RGB imagery, near infrared imagery and historical DEM/imagery) allows many options for environmental analysis including vegetation and feature delineation, change detection, flood prediction and environmental hazard prediction and analysis. OGEO's ground based 3D laser scanning applications are also used in slope deformation monitoring, and highly accurate change detection monitoring.

Volumetric Calculations

Project Solutions

Using a combination of our geospatial tools, OGEO undertakes projects to precisely determine the volumes of stockpiles as well as determining the change in volume over time for mining operations, stock piles and landfill sites. We also have undertaken many projects to determine cut and fill volumes between current and design surfaces.

Historical Projects

Project Solutions

OGEO provides solutions for reclamation projects, environmental analysis, legal property disputes, and many other applications. Aerial photography became prolific for non-military applications after World War 2 and aerial images can be sourced from nearly a century ago. OGEO has a library of historical film and digital images in house, as well as experience searching various archives. Even though technology has progressed incredibly since the early 20th century, the basic principles of photogrammetry have not changed, and we are able to work with aerial photo records of any age.

Location Analysis

Project Solutions

Utilizing GIS tools and taking into account terrain, land cover, and desired proximities to infrastructure, utilities, water bodies (or any spatial feature), OGEO can mathematically identify ideal locations for new sites and projects. This is accomplished by having accurate input data on the desired features and geospatially analyzing the data to create a prioritized list of possible locations that meet a set of client requirements.


Acquisition of digital RGBN aerial photography. Orthorectification of new, existing or historical imagery.

Hydrographic Survey

Robotic bathymetric sonar survey acquisition and processing.

Spatial Data Analysis

Spatial data analysis and reporting for numerous specializations and industries.


Planimetric and topographic mapping created from stereo imagery, LiDAR data, and ground based laser scanning data.

Data Visualization

2D and 3D modelling of spatial data in GIS or CAD formats. Creation of 3D vector data and models. Creation of visualization tools including fly-through videos, 3D PDF’s, presentation slides and implementation in GIS viewers.

Satellite Imagery

Imagery searches, satellite tasking and satellite image processing and analysis.

Data Conversion

Coordinate or data projection conversions, format or file size conversions